GIGABYTE Servers Compatible with Liquid Immersion Cooling Partners Offer Next Level Efficiency
Aug 30, 2022

August 30, 2022 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in high-performance servers and workstations, today announced the first wave of GIGABYTE server SKUs designed for single-phase immersion cooling from its technology partners that include Asperitas, GRC, and Submer. The ever-increasing compute density in racks, and subsequent heat, has ushered in a new approach to cooling, and GIGABYTE has been a pioneer in the HPC industry and has long foreseen thermal challenges on the horizon. These new servers and our partnership offer our global customers the opportunity to confidently step out of the traditional air approach to data center cooling and enjoy the green benefits of immersion cooling while pushing the boundaries associated with elevated power density per rack.

▲ G292-280
▲ H262-Z6B
▲ S251-3O0

We are at a turning point for data centers, and we must explore new infrastructure to handle the increase in heat generated by the demand for greater performance. For this inevitability, GIGABYTE has been working to develop advanced cooling solutions that include direct liquid cooling as well as single-phase immersion cooling. The initial wave of servers for single-phase includes models from the GPU-centric G292 series, multi-node H262 series, and storage focused S251 series. These new immersion server SKUs are made specifically for deployment in immersion cooling, so that users can easily and quickly integrate enterprise products with cooling tanks. Also, no product customization or modifications are necessary. The series models chosen are a direct result of our continuous dialogue with our customers. And all the new compatible SKUs were modified to adapt to the specs of the tanks as well as for being submerged in a dielectric fluid. Some modifications include installing a bracket on the rear of the chassis to support the vertical installation/removal of a server into a tank, replacing some materials that are more compatible with an immersion cooling coolant, and removing fans.

GIGABYTE Server Models Compatible with Immersion Cooling Partners

Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes1 Yes1 Coming soon
Yes2 Yes2 Coming soon
1: in tanks supporting server length of at least 850mm
2: in tanks supporting server length of at least 900mm

Specification of Compatible Tanks by Immersion Cooling Partners

Model MicroPod SmartPodX SmartPodXL SmartPodXL+ ICEraQ Micro ICEraQ Flex (Std.) ICEraQ Flex (Deep) AIC24-21”
IT Hardware Capacity 6U 21U / 19OU 44U / 42OU 41U / 38OU 24U 52U 42U 24U
Max Server Length 800mm 800mm 800mm or 920mm 800mm or 920mm 820mm 812mm 965mm 825mm
Heat Dissipation Capacity 5-6.7kW 50kW 50kW 100kW 25-50kW3 100-200kW3 100-200kW3 44kW
3: depending on facility water temperature

“Investing in emerging technologies is a constant and a necessity in order to fuel product development, which never stops. And we are always willing to sit down with potential technology partners that are leaders in their industries to discuss how we can create win-win situations,” said Vincent Wang, VP of Sales at GIGABYTE. “In the case of Asperitas, GRC, and Submer, they bring experience and proven proficiency to the table for technology in immersion cooling tanks, and together we will define a new era in data center cooling.”

"GIGABYTE is a recognized leader in the server space,” said Daniel Pope, CEO and Co-founder at Submer. “This immersion-born product line brings peace of mind to all those wanting to roll-out large-scale immersion deployments. High-end and high-quality servers fully supported and warrantied in immersion. A clear sign that the industry is adopting the technology at an accelerated rate with sustainability as a key driver."

Maikel Bouricius, CCO at Asperitas commented, “Research shows that the market for immersion cooling is seeing a tremendous growth in demand, driven by sustainability requirements as well as powerful next CPU and GPU generations. Optimised hardware for immersion responds to this evolution. The Asperitas tank delivers the cooling performance required without the need for forced and pump driven circulation, with its unique natural convection method, making it the most energy efficient solution of all as well as allowing for warm water cooling. The partnership between GIGABYTE and Asperitas delivers proven sustainable performance, easy integration and the most energy efficient immersion cooling solution. The two companies will continue to work together on large scale projects in Europe and Asia.”

We’re excited to partner with GIGABYTE as they continue to take steps to meet the challenges of next generations data centers,” said Peter Poulin, CEO at GRC. “Across the globe, data centers are facing increased compute and density requirements, power constraints, environmental pressures, and budget limitations—liquid immersion cooling is the answer to these challenges.”

Immersion cooling is a cross-disciplinary technology that combines the disciplines of computing hardware and advanced thermal technology to deliver a cutting-edge solution. GIGABYTE’s strategic alliance with immersion cooling partners is an important element of its commitment to offer a full range of efficiency driven solutions that are uniquely GIGABYTE and designed to meet the needs of global data centers that are green-minded. By cooperating with these cooling tank partners, GIGABYTE offers solutions for customers spanning the globe, whether it be sales assistance, technical support, or service locations. The new GIGABYTE immersion servers will have a traditional warranty period of one year, and warranty extensions can be discussed with sales.

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