GIGABYTE Rolls Out Cloud-scale Solutions for Intel® Xeon® 6 Processor
The Processor Designed for Cloud-scale Efficiency
Jun 04, 2024

June 4, 2024 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376): Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE and an industry leader in servers and industrial motherboards, today launched products supporting Intel® Xeon® 6 Processor (LGA 4710) with Efficient-cores in a single or dual socket configuration. GIGABYTE’s new products span its entire enterprise portfolio from GPU servers to liquid cooling servers to motherboards. With Intel’s new processor roadmap addressing a broad range of compute needs in the server market, Efficient-cores (E-cores) and Performance-cores (P-cores) have their unique advantages, and both are supported on this platform. E-cores are available today, with P-core products becoming available in the future. The solutions within have distinct advantages for cloud, networking and media, and data services workloads that value consistent performance, greater energy efficiency, and dense rack and core density.

GIGABYTE’s enterprise portfolio for the Intel® Xeon® 6 processor spans GPU servers, direct liquid cooling (DLC) servers, multi-node servers, general purpose motherboards and servers, and edge servers. By releasing a wide range of servers, data centers can quickly integrate it to achieve dynamic goals such as in GIGA POD, a rack-scale supercomputing AI infrastructure by GIGABYTE. The new Xeon based servers by GIGABYTE are also highly compatible with cloud-native software stacks for portability and consistency in containerized applications in distributed systems.

G-series Servers for PCIe GPUs
Cloud-scale workflows depend on efficient AI performance, built-in acceleration, and an ecosystem to accelerate AI. GIGABYTE has crafted two of its GPU series servers, G494 and G294, for this new Intel platform. The G494 series is the most powerful server for accelerated computing using PCIe based accelerators. This series supports up to ten accelerators in a 4U chassis and has additional PCIe slots for NICs and more. To fulfill the need for greater GPU compute density, the G294 series uses a 2U form factor for accelerators including one server that can accommodate up to sixteen inference cards.

High-density H-series Servers with Liquid Cooling Options
The new H274 series for the new Intel® Xeon® platform is the most cross-functional line of high-density servers due to its optimal thermal engineering to be used for air, liquid, and immersion cooling models. GIGABYTE’s latest release for the 2U 4-node H274 series rolls out both air and liquid cooling options. Multi-node servers are great for cloud and microservices by enabling scalability, high availability, load balancing, and more. With the H274 series, one server can have up to 1,152 E-cores. And to achieve the best cooling efficiency, options for direct liquid cooling (DLC) kits are available, and GIGABYTE has partnered with CoolIT Systems for the H274 series.

Flexible and Cost-effective Servers and Boards
Being able to handle a wide range of workloads and applications for building and operating cloud infrastructure, new general purpose server series (R164, R264, R184, and R284) and motherboards (MS74, MS04, and MS34) have a high degree of flexibility. There are single and dual-socket options, multiple PCIe expansion slots, and storage options such as U.2/U.3 or E1.S/E3.S drives. To accommodate edge applications, the E-series servers (E164 and E264) have a much shorter depth of only 520mm. These products complement and enhance what is possible in data centers.

This first wave of products for Intel® Xeon® 6 is just a sign of what is to come. GIGABYTE’s products will support upcoming Intel® Xeon® processors that are socket compatible as well.

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