GreenMax Power Supply

The Green Quadrant. The Green Performance

 As people nowadays care more about our environment, GreenMax, the new lineup of GIGABYTE power supply, is built for energy saving and performance. It strikes a perfect balance between environmental caring and your expectations for a high performance power supply.
GreenMax power supply features 80 Plus Bronze Certification with 87% efficiency at best. The efficient circuit design not only reduces power loss but also enhances the performance of the power supply, which makes GreenMax the best supporting component for your PC system. Meanwhile, the Japan made main capacitor, which costs much higher than the ordinary ones, prolongs the product life of each GreenMax power supply unit and provides a more steady output.
The uniquely designed sleeved cables further induce the air convection within the system and also provide protection to sensitive main connector wirings. With a life-time of 120,000 hours, protection for OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/SCP and complying with the latest Intel ATX 12V V2.3 design guide, GreenMax ensures its users a long-lasting power supply.
GreenMax also complies with the latest EuP/ ErP and RoHS regulations, referring that all GreenMax power supplies are produced in an environmental-friendly way to protect our planet.
GreenMax, with 750W/ 650W/ 550W/ 450W four different choices and 5 years warranty, will truly amaze you.