BMC Unique Pre-Programmed Password Implementation Announcement

Mar 19, 2020

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

Beginning in March 2020, GIGABYTE will begin implementing a new security feature for the BMC firmware stack on all our server motherboards and systems with an Aspeed AST2500 Series BMC (using GIGABYTE Management Console: AMI Megarac SP-X BMC firmware).

For all these new products, the default BMC user account “admin” will no longer use the default password “password” for log in to the BMC firmware platform. Instead, the BMC firmware of these new motherboards and systems will feature a unique, pre-programmed password. This pre-programmed password will be based on the unique serial number (“SN”) of the motherboard (“MB”).

(Products shipped before March 2020)
(Products Shipped On / After March 2020)
Default Username: admin
Default Password: password
Default Username: admin
Default Password: (unique MB serial number)

This serial number can be found on the serial number sticker located on the motherboard of every GIGABYTE server motherboard and system. The unique pre-programmed password will be the last 11 characters of the serial number. For example, for the below serial number, the password will be “JG4P6400027”.

GIGABYTE will also affix new stickers that display the unique BMC password (example below) to both the product box (packaging) and to the CPU cover (for motherboards sold separately) or the server chassis.

Products that have been implemented with this change will be indicated as version G9 on the “Upgrade Version” sticker located on the motherboard / motherboard anti-static packaging / server chassis / server packaging

For special circumstances such as customers who are deploying a large number of servers and wish to perform a BIOS/ FW update, FRU overwrite or BIOS setting overwrite en masse, GIGABYTE can also provide a list of pre-programmed unique passwords of your purchased server systems upon request. This list can be used together with a custom Python script to restore the passwords of your GIGABYTE servers back to the default setting (username: “admin” & password: “password”).

Please see the reference guide below for more information of the above details.

BMC Unique Pre-Programmed Password Reference Guide

For more information about this change, please contact your local GIGABYTE sales representative or email us directly at marketing(at)

Kind Regards,

GIGABYTE Server Team