Gigabyte uses an AI-based algorithm to minimize the risks of burn-in issues and deploys it across a suite of OLED-protecting technologies on the Gigabyte OLED Monitor.

GIGABYTE OLED Care consists of 6 main features for the purpose of protecting the panel from burn-in and extending panel longevity. The protections are fully automatic and does not require any human intervention to initialize, and these features are also tuned to be effective while being hardly noticeable therefore will not affect user experience.

Pixel Clean

Static Control

Pixel Shift

APL Stabilize

Sub-logo Dim

Corner Dim


How GIGABYTE OLED Care safeguards your OLED monitor from burn-in

If you own an OLED gaming monitor or are considering purchasing one, your primary concern may be the risk of burn-in. Nevertheless, with proper care, this risk can be significantly minimized. This is where GIGABYTE OLED Care comes in—an innovative protective measure driven by an AI-based algorithm, aimed at minimizing burn-in risks in the new generation of GIGABYTE OLED gaming monitors.

APRIL 12 2024

Features supported may vary by model.