Boosting Your Work n’ Play

Still thinking KVM switch is only capable of controlling computers? The time has changed! GIGABYTE’s built-in KVM provides you a brand new notion of what monitors can do. Play harder, work smarter or both? Take your pick!

What We Offer

Easy & Convenience

The signature feature of USB Type-C is the reversible and symmetrically shape, meaning there’s no wrong way to plug it in.

Excellent Charging Performance

With power delivery capabilities, mobile devices can be fully charged within a short period of time.

Future Connectivity

Since USB Type-C interface has come to dominate the market, our monitor is capable of accommodating future devices.

How to Use


Connect both of the keyboard and mouse to the monitor.


Then, connect your USB Type-C device to the monitor.


Done. Now you can switch devices by pressing the KVM button.

Device and Cable Requirement

All of the USB Type-C interfaces on our monitors support DisplayPort Alternate Mode, please make sure your devices and cables meet the following requirements:

Applicable Devices

USB Type-C devices with DisplayPort Alternate Mode Support

Applicable Cables

USB 3.1 Type-C Cable with DisplayPort and 10Gbps bandwidth

USB Type-C

USB Type-C is physical shape for the most advanced USB connector for data, power, and video transmission. With the benefits USB Type-C entails, a majority of electronic devices are shifting its interface towards the standard.

USB Type-A

USB Type-B

USB Type-C

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