Power Your Gaming World The Next Generation ATI PCI Express Graphic Accelerators GV-RX80 series, GV-RX60 series and GV-RX30 series


Gigabyte Technology Co. formally announces the release of graphics accelerators powered by the world's first native 16-lane PCI Express VPUs from ATI, the GV-RX80 series, GV-RX60 series and GV-RX30 Series which are based on ATI's newly introduced [RADEON™ X800, RADEON™ X600 and RADEON™ X300 visual processing units (VPUs).The top-to-bottom family of visual processors ensures customers can choose the graphics card that best suits their needs.

Enthusiast Level
Offers extreme graphics power and performance to die-hard gamers.

Performance Level
Delivers amazing cinematic effects and unmatched features for high-performance gaming.
Mainstream Level
Provides best-in-class features and reliability to mainstream user.

PCI Express is the next-generation I/O interconnect standard designed to fulfill the bandwidth requirement of upcoming platforms. With up to 4GB/s of one-directional and 8GB/s of concurrent bandwidth, PCI Express has the benefits of increased bandwidth and scalability to open up a whole new world to 3D applications.

The release of the GV-RX80 Series is concurrent with the recent launch of ATI enthusiast-class RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition / RADEON X800 XT VPU. The RADEON X800 Series (the world's most powerful VPU) sets a new standard in graphics performance and visual realism by delivering amazing graphics, abundant features and rock-solid stability for next-generation games and applications.

The GV-RX80 Series is based on the ATI RADEON X800 platform and is built on 0.13micron, low-k fabrication process technology for high levels of integration and superior operating clock speeds. A revolutionary image enhancement technology "3Dc" defines a new high–definition gaming experience by providing higher detail in images at higher resolution.

The GV-RX60/RX30 series features ATI's exclusive SMARTSHADER™ 2.0 and SMOOTHVISION™ 2.1, which smoothes uneven edges and improves blurred images. HYPER Z™ III conserves video memory bandwidth for improved performance in demanding 3D games and applications.

The GV-RX80/RX60/RX30 Series supports the latest version of both the DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL shader support to ensure that current and upcoming games look and play brilliantly, especially in high–definition. As well, innate DVI support allows users to gain optimal visual quality of their digital monitors through direct digital graphics output while the integrated TV encoder provides TV-out functionality for greater media flexibility. The GV-RX80/RX60/RX30 Series brings you the best-in-class performance for the most demanding applications. The enthusiast level graphic accelerators -- GV-RX80 Series also provide Video-In functionality for image editing and bundled a S-Video to HDTV (YPrPb) Cable for future HDTV support.

Gigabyte not only seeks to offer its millions of customers a complete range of high-end graphics solutions, but also an affordable range of solution. Gigabyte bundles PowerDVD 5.0, 3D Album DE2.03 and PowerDirector3 ME (For VIVO version only), as well as three exciting full-version games — "Count Strike—Condition Zero"; "SpellForce" and "Rainbow SIX3—Raven Shield" for added value and excitement for gaming fans. Add a Gigabyte GV-RX80/RX60/RX30 Series graphics card to your PC and experience the cinematic-quality effects, studio-quality color, and industry-leading performance that you have come to expect.

GIGABYTE RADEON X800 family Specifications:

GIGABYTE RADEON X800 family Specifications:

GIGABYTE RADEON X800 family Specifications: