Why does my laptop feel like it is experiencing abnormal high-temperature?

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GIGABYTE gaming laptops are designed to be light, thin and powerful. High-performance cooling components are used throughout the chassis in order to provide optimal heat distribution and increases component longevity. All GIGABYTE laptops has to pass through a series of rigorous tests before leaving the factory. This also insures that all units meet the temperature specs provided by Intel and Nvidia.
Intel CPU’s can operate at a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius and Nvidia GPU’s can operate at a maximum ranging from 87~95 degrees Celsius (depending on the GPU model). Please rest assured that there are no issues of overheating and users can continue using the laptop without worries.
If you feel that your GIGABYTE laptop is experiencing abnormal high-temperature, we suggest you to do the following:
  1. Fan speed: Execute the GIGABYTE “Smart Manager” app and change the fan profile to “Gaming” or increase the fan speed to maximum under the “Customize” setting.
  2. Update BIOS and Smart Manager: Please check if the BIOS and Smart Manager are up to date by using the “Smart Update” app or visit the GIGABYTE website for manual updates.
  3. Check air vents: Please check that all the fans found on the laptop are not obstructed or clogged in anyway. Make sure to use the laptop on a surface that does not block the air flow.
  4. Suspicious apps and viruses: Please scan and remove any suspicious apps or viruses that may cause the laptop to run unintentionally, which further increases the heat of the laptop.
  5. RMA: If you still feel or see that the laptop is experiencing abnormal high-temperature, do not open up the unit and attempt to fix it yourself, please contact your nearest service center and send in your unit for an RMA.
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