90nm Entry level Graphics card with Screen-Cooling
GIGABYTE presents the latest GeForce 7300GS series

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a world-leading VGA card manufacturer, today launched the GV-NX73G128D, nVIDIA's first 90nm manufactured entry level graphics card based on the nVIDIA GeForce 7300GS graphics processor, integrated with high performance 128MB GDDR2 memory. Due to the new process of the GPU, the core clock has increased enormously to 550MHZ allowing the GV-NX73G128D tremendous improvement on 3D performance. Moreover, what makes the GV-NX73G128D so outstanding is GIGABYTE's new brilliant patent "Screen-Cooling" thermal technology users can now enjoy a noiseless, low power consumption environment.

GIGABYTE's GV-NX73G128D builds in 4 pixel pipes, 3 vertex pipes graphics engine and supports Turbo Cache technology that speeds up graphical renderings. Combining the G70 series architectural design and the CineFX 4.0 engine, the GV-NX73G128D is able to handle every kind of complex visual effects. For examples, HDR(High Dynamic Rendering) – lets users enjoy high quality game play; Intellisample™ 4 – lets the GPU provide the best performance even in high resolution; Microsoft® DirectX® Shader Model 3.0 – provides infinite program command length creating photorealistic scenes and environments in games, without compromising overall PC performance. However, the GV-NX73G128D also incorporates PureVideo™ technology that makes users not only have excellent gaming effects, but also have the best display quality for digital media playbacks.

GIGABYTE always endeavors on the silent cooling system technology. For GV-NX73G128D, GIGABYTE's R&D team created an innovative patent "Screen-Cooling" technology that is fan-less and has a remarkable thermal performance. The extended heat sink makes the low profile PCB to a standard ATX sized bracket. This stylish heat sink with special screen design uses the natural air flow into the case for cooling down. Therefore, the GV-NX73G128D provides users the same high performance in an ultra silent environment. Furthermore, the extended metal cover is able to protect the VGA cable and provide a useful handling. This new "Screen-Cooling" technology creates both cooling ability and outlook. It also creates a new trend for innovative cooling designs. For more details, please visit the official GIGABYTE VGA website: http://tw.giga-byte.com/products/main.aspx?s=43