GIGABYTE 8Σ Series Fusion of GIGABYTE Top Innovations


GIGABYTE Technology has once again redefined the definition of the enthusiast motherboard with the debut the latest flagship motherboard to the technology scene. Interested in next-generation technologies? Meet the GIGABYTE ultimate 8Σ (Sigma) motherboard series and take an in-depth look at the advanced offerings of Intel's 925X and 915P chipsets. In this flagship motherboard line, the 8Σ Series embodies intense performance, and represents a fusion of the best GIGABYTEinnovations.The 8Σ Series offers a complete range of features dedicated to satisfying all computing needs. Experience next-generation processing with the latest LGA775 Intel®Pentium® 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology!With new 90nm technology, the world's most advancedchip-making process, it delivers significant gains in performance through the combination of lower-powertransistors, strained silicon, high-speed copper interconnectsand a new low-k dielectric material. The 8Σ Series motherboards support DDR-2 533 / 400 to deliver a maximum memory bandwidth of 8.5GB/s in dual channel DDR mode. Along with enhanced performance is additional system stability with the GIGABYTE Universal Plus Dual Power System (U-Plus D.P.S.). U-Plus D.P.S. is a revolutionary eight-phase power circuit designed to withstand varying electrical current levels, ensuring future processor upgrades.The 8Σ Series motherboards provides an broad range ofperipheral connections by offering IEEE 1394b and USB 2.0 for high-speed data transfer, and high speed Serial ATA for connection of storage devices. The GIGABYTE 8Σ Series alsooffers multimedia advancements through PCI-Express for outstanding graphics output, doubling that of the current AGP8X interface. For improved networking, Dual Gigabit LAN provides simultaneous WAN and LAN connection at a blazing fast network connection speed of up to 1,000 Mbps for both network types. The addition of integrated 802.11g wireless LAN solution standard provides a more flexible networking connection. Finally to round off the 8Σ Series is home theater-quality sound with your PC using Intel® High Definition Audio for enhanced multi-channel audio, improved voice and communication input, and multi-streaming capability.Along with exceptional built-in hardware is the addition of the GIGABYTE Shieldware. Shieldware completes the 8Σ Series with eight unique software feature elements that are easy to use and focused on making computing both simple, straightforward, and safe. It includes C.O.M., Download Center, M.I.T., S.O.S., C.I.A.2, M.I.B.2, EasyTunetm5 for overclocking, and Xpress3 for safe recovery and backups.The 8Σ Series motherboards will hold the most prestigious honor for any computer system, as we move toward the next millennia. The two flagship motherboards for the GIGABYTE 8Σ Series consists of the GA-8ANXP-D with the Intel® 925X platform, and the GA-8GPNXP Duo based on the Intel® 915P chipset featuring support for DDR-2 and DDR-1.