GIGABYTE Latest NX7900 series Graphics Accelerators
Presents Breathtaking 3D performance

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a world-leading VGA card manufacturer launches GV-NX79X512DB-RH / GV-NX79T256DB-RH with NVIDIA in 2006 CeBIT Germany. The GV-NX79 series 7900GTX and 7900GT integrates the G71 core, using the next generation 90nm lithography process provides lower power consumption and faster core clock. Regardless of heavy loading 3D games or processing high definition video, the GV-NX79 series will present any visual effects perfectly.

The GV-NX79 series adopts industry top GDDR3 memory, 256-bit memory bandwidth, 24 pixel pipelines and with the lower power consumption 90nm manufacturing process. These advantages will not only provide excellent gaming performance, but also create a silent environment with a miniature fansink. The GV-NX79 series promises fully supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0C, OpenGL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0. Also the GV-NX79 series allows users to experience simultaneous HDR and advanced anti-aliasing for incredible enhancements to lighting contour and color details, delivering the ultimate in visually immersive 3D gaming.

GV-NX79 series is compliant with advanced ROHS parts and manufacturing process to provide a better environment for everyone. Besides the GV-NX79 series is equipped with Dual-Link DVI to support high-definition wide screen and integrated with NVIDIA X-HD (eXtreme High Definition) technology to display amazing 2560x1600 pixels in wide screen resolution. The enforced video technology powered by PureVideo and the innovation of decoding H.264 spec video both can make your digital life come true by GV-NX79.

With the very popular PC game「Serious Sam 2」valued at more than USD$70, comes bundled with GV-NX79 series. Experience the power of GIGABYTE GV-NX79 with this action features game.