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Tired of waiting in the long line at the fitting room and want to have some fun?
Imagine a scenario: you go to your favorite fashion store, which is on-sale until tomorrow, finding some beautiful dresses to try on, but there is a long waiting line in the fitting room, and you are late for your dinner with your family. You are desperately to see how the dresses look on you, but it is rude to wear it onto your current outfit in the public, so what can you do now? In addition, for retailers, how can they attract customers back to shop in their stores while competing with on-line shopping rivals?

GIGABYTE now provides an O2O (Online to Offline) Smart Retail Solutions called “Smart Fitting Mirror” to enhance the interaction between retailers and customers, improve shopping convenience and optimize shopping experience.

It’s an IoT system featuring a large-size touch panel, GIGABYTE’s self-designed ToF 3D camera and ULSee’s 3D Virtual Try-On software called “U Style”, for users to be scanned and generate 3D personal image on screen, then do outfit simulations virtually without actually running around between aisles and fitting rooms trying to find the perfect outfits and correct sizes. Users’ interactions with the system become data and these data are transmitted and stored in GIGABYTE's Cloud storage system, G481-HA1 server, for big data analysis through AI learning, let retailers study purchasing behavior and fashion preferences to deliver clothes wear advices in real-time or provide favorable products to gain customers' loyalty. In addition, users can use mobile APP to finish orders online and have them delivered to assigned address.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
What is Big Data?
Benefits of “Smart Fitting Mirror”
1. Causing community power
When the customer operates with smart fitting mirror, the interaction data is collected and analyzed by the network cloud host with EDGE computing, and then transmitted back to the consumer mobile APP. The customer can share the fitting result to the social media through the mobile phone to form a marketing effect.

2. Precise marketing
Through the online services, the dressing-experiences store uses the server database to analyze the local seasonal and climatic data, and provides customers suitable dressing information. With the combination of network data collection and analysis, the store can provide favorable services to customers more accurately.

3. Reduce try-on time
After establishing personalized 3D avatar, users can quickly and accurately select the appropriate clothes through the APP, and then feel the texture of clothes in the store. It can avoid waiting in the long line at the fitting room.

GIGABYTE's Smart Fitting Mirror provides O2O (Online to Offline) an excellent experience marketing solution. 《Learn More: A Smart Mirror Solution That Makes Shopping More Efficient
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