Interactive Digital Signage for Retail

Retail Solution to Delight Your Customers with Targeted Digital Experiences on Shopping by GIGABYTE / NOEMA

Real-Time Interaction Makes Shopping More Fun

"Window Shopping" is a common leisure activity for many people, but how can you get window shoppers in the door and turn them into sales? Interactive Digital Signage delivers targeted content in a public space. Real-time, targeted interactions with potential customers increase brand awareness, delight customers with special offers, and drive in-store sales.

Why Interactive Digital Signage

  • plan_Deployment
    Quick Deployment

    Smart Digital Module (SDM) supports hot swap and is easy to carry & insert in digital signage. Multi-media contents can be pre-installed in the SDM or remotely uploaded.

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    Real-Time Interaction

    Targets commercial content based on person's age and gender. Manages playback based on user's sight direction. Recognizes user gestures to drive interaction and feedback.

  • analysis
    Data Analysis

    Collects statistics and performs analysis on all features: audience traffic by gender or age, video watch time, etc.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with 3rd party Content Management Systems (CMS).

  • administrator
    Intuitive Eye Control

    Interactive Digital Signage enables touchless content management to use eyes to control and interact with the digital screen.

  • save_money
    Return on Investment

    Stretch your public ads., spend the extra mile by ensuring all users receive targeted content to increase conversion rate.

Interact and Control Only with Your Eyes and Hand Gestures
An innovative media platform to deliver targeted and personalized contents with real-time interaction to bring audience engagement

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You May Be Curious

I didn't see hardware spec of Interactive Digital Signage, where can I find it?
Interactive Digital Signage's Software Solution is implemented in Smart Display Module (SDM). SDM is a slim form factor defined by Intel® specially for Smart Retail Market. It can be built in or externally plugged into a display panel or designed in PC box, so hardware spec is versatile based on your product design.  You can go to our website to know more about SDM series.
Who is NOEMA?
NOEMA is Subsidiary of DSR Corporation focused on AI and Computer Vision Technologies. DSR is a professional software development and consulting company, based in Colorado, USA. DSR specializes in 4 main areas: Cloud, Embedded, Mobile, and Enterprise.  
I am interested in Interactive Digital Signage, who should I contact with?
You can provide your contact information and spec requirement to GIGABYTE, our dedicated salesperson will contact you soon.
Can this Interactive Digital Signage be customized?
Yes. Both hardware and software can be customized. Tell us what you need and GIGABYTE NOEMA will evaluate your needs and have someone discuss the right solution with you.
Why do I need NOEMA's Digital Signage Software Solution?
NOEMA' Digital Signage Software Solution can help you : 
1) Increase conversion rates with Targeted Ads and Interactive Content 
2) Improve Customer Satisfaction and Brand awareness 
3) Measure ad effectiveness and traffic 
4) Touch-less Content Management 
5) Reduce wasted or mistargeted ad spend

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