From the Chairman

As a leading brand of motherboards and graphics cards, GIGABYTE assumes social corporate responsibility (CSR) as its own duty and obligation; emphasizes integrity, self-discipline, and legal compliance; and aggressively pursues excellence in all aspects. We understand that as the scale of operations expands, our impact and responsibility increases in economic, environmental, and social terms.   (More...)

Corporate Governance

Corporate sustainability roots in "Honesty and Practicality" which GIGABYTE adopts as its core values.   (More...)

Corporate Sustainability

GIGABYTE embraces the core values of "Upgrade Your Life" in its promotion of sustainable corporate development.   (More...)

Sustainable Supply Chain

Suppliers are important partners of GIGABYTE, and we pursue the sustainable management of the company and growth through close collaboration with our suppliers.   (More...)

Social Care

GIGABYTE upholds the ideal of “Care about our Society and Sustainable Development” to train our talents, adopt roads and green land, plant native species, and actively participate in community outreach and development.    (More...)

Employee Care and Development

GIGABYTE dedicates to provide employees with well-designed and diverse work-life balance solutions by offering a friendly, safe and harmonious work environment.    (More...)

G-HOME Eco-Roof

GIGABYTE thus undertook a renovation project in 2012 called the “G-HOME GIGABYTE sustainable eco-rooftop,” with an aim of shouldering responsibilities of a good citizen of the Earth as well as providing a place for employees to relax. The G-HOME construction was completed in 2013 and inaugurated on the World Earth Day in the same year.    (More...)

Green Action Plan

In 2009 GIGABYTE launched the "Green Action Plan" for doing it with all our heart and organizing activities that integrate external and internal resource. Through the activities, employees' environmental awareness as well as the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for environmental protection can be enhanced and incorporated into their work and everyday life.     (More...)

CSR Performance

GIGABYTE has always set an example of honesty and practicality. We possess sound business management, sales channels and comprehensive customer service, continue to achieve innovative brand and technology, provide customers with excellent value, and receive strong support and recognition from international awards and the media.   (More...)

Make Earth Green Again

Global warming has always been a major concern for the world. UNEP initiated a project to plant one billion trees around the globe in 2006. GIGABYTE is proud to present a great campaign to rallying the cause with [Make Earth Green Again], in which owners of GIGABYTE laptops since 2017 may register their products and a tree will be planted by GIGABYTE through Plant-for-the-Planet in registrant’s name in the hopes to raise more awareness and contributions towards making one trillion. Dedicated to the core value of [Upgrade Your Life], GIGABYTE hopes [Make Earth Green Again] campaign can bring awareness to eco justice - that no effort is too insignificant or strength too weak, as long as there is action taken, trees will be planted.