What You Must Know Before Moving Into 5G

5G communications has been a very hot topic in recent years. Due to some of the key attributes such as faster data transfer rate, low latency and high connectivity, people can start to develop applications including industry 4.0, autonomous cars, and build a smart city etc. However, until the day comes when 5G is widely applied in our everyday technologies, people still wonder what exactly is 5G? How is it different from 4G? Despite a proclaimed faster data transfer rate, how will it impact the next tech evolution?

COMPUTEX 2019 Booth Tour

We can't take you to the future with a post, but we can take you to our GIGABYTE booth, and show you what we have on display this year.

Smart Vision System

GIGABYTE provides you an accurate optimizing solution. From retail chains to estate management, the people counting solution by GIGABYTE not only offers a comprehensive understanding of consumer activities but also support your business with our solid hardware background.

Smart Security

GFace Smart Security is a cloud based self-teaching facial recognition system, providing a scalable, modular architecture with great customization for organization in any size.