GIGABYTE Revisits CES and Invites Participants to Explore Industries From a Different Perspective
Jan 06, 2022


The annual CES at the beginning of each year marks the time for thought leaders and influencers to gather and pivot the next evolution in the tech world. This January, GIGABYTE, a key player in the technology industry and an enabler of smart cities, is joining CES Virtual with – INDUSTRY – to present products and solutions that propel digital transformation in industries such as 5G & telecom, automotive, manufacturing, retail, creative & gaming, and data centers. 


“Upgrade Your Life” is GIGABYTE’s brand commitment, which GIGABYTE holds true in ensuring computer technologies play a pivotal role to modernize our city in both industrial and personal environments. As performance becoming a critical factor for success across all areas of a smart city, GIGABYTE takes pride in having an incredibly deep portfolio of enterprise products that support cloud, edge, and data centers.

There are over 75 servers for AMD EPYC CPU alone, as well as Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, and over 10 servers for Ampere Altra CPU, and not to forget over 20 server motherboards. Given the high number of SKUs, GIGABYTE allows customers to select the perfect fit for their deployment as one size does not fit all, and end-users are eyeing x86 and ARM platforms. The high diversity of products is the result of our close collaboration with technology partners: AMD, Ampere, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Submer, Xilinx and the list goes on and is ever-growing.

GIGABYTE’s server solutions are also applicable to various industries, and are highly valued by large and small high-tech companies, medical, scientific, academic research, and public institutions, etc., and have successfully assisted them in innovations and breakthroughs in their fields. 


5G outlines the world’s next digital evolution. GIGABYTE offers edge servers based on Arm architecture. These high-density Arm servers, using Ampere’s massive 80 / 128 core CPU, provide the performance, storage, network, and above all, the flexibility to be deployed at more challenging locations and limited spaces, which is commonplace for the next generation of telecommunications where processing work needs to be done on-site. 


The vastly improved speed of the 5G network will allow smart cities to prosper from the convenience brought by AI applications. Our transportation benefits from the massively deployed edge computers, which can further enhance the communications between devices to ensure traffic become smoother and roads to be safer.

GIGABYTE’s years of experience on embedded computers have allowed it to have a clear vision of how to implement devices that can work in outdoor environments with stable functionality. These embedded computers come with GPU expandability to meet the needs of edge computing, and rich I/O interface designs to allow system developers to integrate multiple systems on a single platform, therefore developing applications such as License Plate Recognition, real-time analytics, Smart Utility Pole, and Smart Traffic Management Solution.



With the rapid development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology, the vision for self-driving vehicles to take place has become an imminent reality.

As a partner of global automobile manufacturers, GIGABYTE specializes in developing decision-making control units for different types of autonomous vehicles, as well as customized products such as ADAS ECUs, TCUs, assisting vehicle designers to develop their ideal products. The GIGABYTE PILOT product series supports GPU and VPU acceleration modules, which perfectly combine various algorithms to provide precise object detection, decision-making, and vehicle control capabilities. At the same time, it is equipped with various high-speed transmission interfaces, which can be connected to various sensing devices to collect and transmit data in real-time.

GIGABYTE and its investee company – MyelinTek Inc. have developed a deep learning system MLSteam, which includes optimized AI software stacking and comprehensive management tools such as resource, container, and model management in a user-friendly interface. MLSteam makes it easier for scientists to train and develop AI integration for autonomous vehicles and can make traffic management systems smarter, safer, and more collaborative.



In a smart city, apart from transportation and automotive, there are other industries taking advantage of the ever-improving AI to upgrade their operation efficiency.

In manufacturing, adopting automation to increase production volume while maintaining high quality has always been a continuous process. GIGABYTE has been offering competitive embedded computing products and solutions to various vertical markets for many years. The latest products feature a series of industrial motherboards and systems powered by Intel® 11th Gen. processors which are perfect for factory automation, industry 4.0, smart retail, IoT, and edge computing, providing critical features such as low power consumption and high performance with rich I/O interface and high expansion flexibility. GIGABYTE brought its latest generation of embedded systems and developed Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) which can be programmed to maneuver in designated routes, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), which can detect and avoid obstacles through navigation to operate, and Industrial Automation Security System. The successes of these systems can be used to greatly increase the operability of storage, logistic, and manufacturing facilities while lowering labor and management costs.

GIGABYTE has also brought AI to perform visual recognition to make improvements in other areas. Digital signage can be upgraded to analyze traffic patterns, detect users’ gender, age, and basic measurements for improved advertisement experience, while restaurants and delivery services can utilize ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to invent smart delivery using autonomous vehicles. In the post-pandemic era, a new service is born as smart space management integrated with AI and IoT technology can be used to automate the operation and management of public spaces rentals for office, conference, dining, and parties. 

The pandemic has inadvertently led to the rise of "home entertainment" and "work from home", and the demand for performance has also escalated as a result. GIGABYTE’s reputation to invent top-notch products with innovative VRM and thermal design makes the task to optimize overclocking performance on the latest Intel® Core™ CPUs easy and effective. The Z690 series motherboards also come with rich I/O to provide beyond the essential features and power for both professional creators and gamers alike. The AERO series motherboards for creators even wield the notable VisionLINK technology, which allows creators to power the digitizer, stream multimedia files, and transfer data with just one Type-C® cable which highly improves their work efficiency.

GIGABYTE proudly presents the AERO creator laptop series with the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ processors: AERO 16, AERO 17, and AERO 5. GIGABYTE AERO series product aspires to be a visionary masterpiece that breaks through the new epoch of 16” Creator Laptop as 16:10 4K+ OLED and AmLED display technologies are introduced to the series for the first time, along with the evolution of product designs. AORUS gaming laptops with the concept of "Reshape the Game", presents AORUS 17 as the first in the series to adopt a gaming display with a four-sided bezel-less design, reaching a 90% screen-to-body ratio and a 30% reduction in the lower edge of the screen. The impeccable visual extension shall enhance the visual experience to a level that would only find in a movie theater. With the max refresh rate of 360Hz, the display shall never tear or blur as the extremely fast reaction time of 3 milliseconds gives the players unparalleled advantages on the battlefield.


GIGABYTE has recently launched INDUSTRY as a platform to demonstrate its most pivotal products and solutions for different industries. Using 3D models to present miniaturized visions of a smart city, the user can see how various industries may look in the future and learn more about GIGABYTE’s tested and proven products and solutions. 


One of the biggest highlights of the platform is its live chat function. The launch of INDUSTRY coincides with GIGABYTE’s digital presence at CES 2022. GIGABYTE has arranged experts, who have keen insights on the industries, to standby the live chat and answer questions and inquiries made by the visitors and buyers as they would at the physical venue. The live chat uses AI-generated avatars to show the status of its live experts, and also as a way to embrace the ‘metaverse’ where virtual merges with reality. The INDUSTRY platform will host all products and solutions GIGABYTE is presenting at CES including trendy topics highlighted in the event and more. GIGABYTE welcomes all visitors to connect through this digital platform and see their industries from different perspectives. 




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