GIGABYTE Extends Its Advanced Cooling Portfolio Ahead of SC23 for Improved Efficiency and Sustainability in Data Centers
Supporting the best CPU & GPU technologies with liquid cooling
Nov 07, 2023

November 7, 2023 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376): Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE, is an industry leader in AI & HPC servers and an integrator for direct liquid cooling (DLC) & Immersion cooling technology, today announced a range of advanced cooling products, some of which will be showcased at the upcoming SC23 event.

In this latest product release, GIGABYTE introduces DLC ready servers, H263-S63-LAN1 & H273-Z80-LAN1, expanding its previously launched high-density server product line supporting NVIDIA Grace™ CPU & Grace™ Hopper™ Superchip. These servers, along with the R183-S90-LAD1 & R183-Z90-LAD1 1U dual-socket servers, are fitted with GIGABYTE cold plates, and cater to diverse computing needs. Engineered for both 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs and AMD EPYC™ 9004 CPUs, they offer unparalleled computing power. Visitors at SC23 can explore these advancements at CoolIT booth #807, where the H263-S63-LAN1 & H273-Z80-LAN1 nodes will be displayed, with support for CoolIT cold plates and coolant distribution unit (CDU). Simultaneously, our booth #355 will showcase the H263-V11 Grace Hopper Superchip & H263-V60 Grace Superchip DLC-ready high-density servers, featuring GIGABYTE cold plates and Motivair CDU.

In addition, we are expanding our NVIDIA HGX server product line, a DLC SKU derived from the G593-SD0 launched in June. Specifically crafted for large language models (LLMs), the newly launched DLC ready G593-SD0-LAX1 delivers unparalleled performance while maintaining peak computing power. Notably, the air-cooled G593-SD0-AAX1 will be on display at SC23, offering attendees a firsthand experience of its remarkable features.

GIGABYTE continued its commitment to improving sustainability and energy efficiency in data centers by bringing immersion cooling and liquid cooling technology to the forefront. These DLC servers exemplify how GIGABYTE stays ahead of the curve. The increased performance of current gen chips has led to pioneering cooling solutions, improving power usage efficiency (PUE) and enabling sustainable peak system performance through DLC technology. Expanding GIGABYTE’s DLC technology partners, Motivair joins our other partner, CoolIT Systems, to demonstrate GIGABYTE’s dedication to offering a comprehensive DLC solution, in conjunction with GIGABYTE servers, cold plates, and manifolds for rapid deployment. GIGABYTE strives to enhance collaborations with diverse sources, providing customers with an integrated solution tailored to their data center needs. When exploring server platforms with GIGABYTE sales, customers can select from our extensive portfolio of AI & HPC, cloud, and edge computing solutions. Many of our G-series and H-series servers will continue evolving with new DLC technology from CoolIT Systems, Motivair, and GIGABYTE.

“We are very pleased to announce the collaboration between Motivair and Giga Computing,” Motivair Corporation President & CEO Rich Whitmore said. “As a Giga Computing partner, Motivair is committed to providing our comprehensive end-to-end liquid cooling solutions with GIGABYTE servers and offering global support services to further enable Giga Computing's growth and leadership in the industry. We are proud to be a part of its success and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

“Motivair has proven to us that it can strengthen our ability to quickly integrate our GIGABYTE hardware with DLC technology in many regions, “said Vincent Wang, Sales VP at Giga Computing. “As part of our liquid cooling initiative we are building our partner network so that we can make the integration process seamless and with less barriers.”

For single-phase immersion cooling, GIGABYTE introduced a new 12U EIA immersion tank, A1P0-EA0, adding to its immersion tank portfolio that already includes one that has a capacity of 18 OU OCP servers, A1O3-CC0, and another EIA tank, A1P0-EB0, that has a 25U server capacity.

All are encouraged to visit GIGABYTE booth #355 at SC23 to explore our DLC and immersion cooling products. Additionally, explore our DLC solutions at CoolIT booth #807 and Motivair booth #1909.

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