GA-8SG667-The Best Solution for High Performance and Rich Features

**Leading technology empowers excellentperformance
GA-8SG667, based on the latest SiS 648 and 963 chipsets,has the new generation architecture that providesoutstanding performance. With supports of AGP 8x, DDR400, and 1 GB/sec interconnect between northbridge and southbridge, GA-8SG667 is designed to utilize the new Intel® FSB533MHz Pentium® 4 processor to optimize system performance.

**Utilizing the newest Intel FSB 533 MHzPentium 4 CPU by AGP8x, DDR400 and MuTIOL1G® Technology
Upon the architecture of platform based on Intel Pentium 4with 533MHz FSB, the bandwidth between CPU and memory controller delivers up to 4.2GB/sec to provide sufficient bandwidth for the latest Intel Pentium 4 with intense computing power. While not until recently, the new diagram of GA-8SG667 (SiS648 and 963) is presenting a more balanced structure. First of all, AGP8x is integrated to provide a bandwidth of 2.1 GB/sec for graphics interface, double the bandwidth of previous generation. Secondly, the memory interface is extended to DDR 400 to provide3.2GB/sec memory throughput (Recommended DDR400 memory module available on Gigabyte WebSite.) Thirdly, the newest SiS MuTIOL 1G® technology is applied to speed up the traffic between thenorthbridge and southbridge. The doubled bandwidth of interconnect of chips will further eliminate the bottleneck of the platform. Consequently, the new architecture fully insures the highest performance of the system.

**Impressive features deliver ideal multi-purpose platform
The GA-8SG667 also integrates a variety of features to accompany with the new diagram. Six high speedUSB2.0 ports deliver sufficient, easy to use and high performance interface for users’ applications suchas digital camera, printer, and other advance peripherals. Ultra ATA133 IDE interface sustains high speedhard drive, CD-ROM, and DVD-RW. Through 6-channel audio output, GA-8SG667 provides excellentaudio quality that fulfills any audio applications, such as MP3 or Audio CD playback, DVD movies andgaming. Bundled with rich features, GA-8SG667 is an ideal solution for a multi-purpose platform.

**Gigabyte unique designs add more value
Several unique designs resulting from continuous improvement of product quality are implemented inGA-8SG667. The EZ-Fix AGP slot is designed for easy installation and preventing from discarding. Inaddition, the color of light green is put on the AGP slot to indicate AGP 8x support. With color-coded frontpanel connector design, user should feel much easier during the installation and the possible mistakesmight be eliminated. The color of memory DIMMs is changed to blue-purple for identifying itself asDDR400 supporting. In addition, round corner PCB plate design is proven to be easier for handling andhave better durability. All of these value-added designs contribute to the merit of GA-8SG667.

Overclocking software - Easytune 4, Norton Internet Security, Q-Flash, and@BIOS
Several software and BIOS functions are also applied in GA-8SG667. The EasyTune 4 receiving a lotof attention from users for its friendly interface for overclocking that totally changes the traditional way for“overclocking”. Norton Internet Security 2002 provides essential protection from viruses, hackers, andprivacy threats. It protects users during the process of email, banking, shopping or gaming online. Withdetailed instructions in BIOS setup main menu, Q-Flash utility allows users to flash BIOS easily underBIOS mode. @BIOS will automatically detect the most up-to-date BIOS version from GIGABYTE website.

**Main Specification
• Socket 478 for Intel® new 0.13 micron-process Pentium® 4 processor
• SiS 648/963 Chipset
• Supports FSB 533/400 MHz
• 3 DIMMs support up to 3GB DDR266 memory or 2GB DDR333/400 memory
• AGP 8x/4x, 5 PCI slot
• 6 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
• 6-channel AC97 audio
• Two Ultra ATA133 Connectors
• Easytune 4, Q-Flash, @BIOS