GIGABYTE at MWC 2023: Advancing AI, ESG and 5G Technology Breakthroughs through “Power of Computing”
Feb 27, 2023


February 27th, 2023 – GIGABYTE and its subsidiary, Giga Computing, are co-presenting the next-generation server solutions at MWC 2023. The exhibition will cover IT solutions for edge computing, AI development, HPC data centers, cloud servers, green computing, and visual computing, resonating with the theme “Power of Computing”. With GIGABYTE’s long-standing expertise, these servers have been widely adopted by academic institutions and enterprises worldwide, accelerating innovation in various industries.


Connect Infinite Possibilities of 5G Applications with Edge Computing

GIGABYTE is presenting three edge server models (E163-S30, E263-Z30, E252-P30), supporting the latest Intel, AMD and Ampere processors, respectively. They play essential roles in edge data centers, which support the operation of large amounts of IoT devices in 5G applications like smart manufacturing, automotive technology and smart cities.


To expand 5G business opportunities, GIGABYTE provides diverse selections of edge servers that excel in computing power, scalability, transmission speed and lower energy consumption. The short-depth chassis design allows the servers to adapt to micro data centers near data sources in urban and remote areas, enabling governments and enterprises to connect people to 5G smart technology.


Accelerate AI Innovation Breakthroughs with GPU Servers and HPC Data Centers

The rise of ChatGPT has prompted more industries worldwide to explore the value of AI innovations. At MWC, GIGABYTE is exhibiting the latest GPU/HPC servers (G493-SB0, H263-S64) supporting the most advanced processors, DDR5 RAM and high bandwidth PCIe 5.0 lanes that supercharge AI computing efficiency.


GIGABYTE provides diverse selections of NVIDIA-certified GPU/HPC servers that have passed strict performance, stability and scalability tests. They massively accelerate workloads for large-scale data processing, AI/ML model training and inference, bringing AI research to the next level.


Empower the World to Embrace a Sustainable Future through Green Computing

With the growing demand for AI, HPC and cloud computing, excessive heat from servers is the main cause of energy waste. At MWC, GIGABYTE is presenting air, liquid and immersion-cooling solutions, providing various selections for enterprises to build their “green data centers”.


GIGABYTE has established expertise in server structures, immersion tanks and management systems. The immersion cooling solutions have been adopted by Japanese telco leader KDDI, a world-leading IC foundry and other distinguished clients. In one of the successful cases, the data center achieved a 30% reduction in energy consumption, while boosting the performance of HPC processors by 10%. GIGABYTE provides various server cooling solutions to empower enterprises to build technology advantages and excel in sustainability goals.


Besides server lineups, GIGABYTE is presenting a powerhouse workstation in the “Visual Computing” exhibition at the booth. The GPU workstation, W771-Z00, is known for its enterprise-server-level performance and can support up to 64 cores and 2TB total system memory. Its multitasking capability enables creators to construct realistic virtual worlds, 3D rendering and movie post-production in real-time collaboration, building masterpieces with the best efficiency.



GIGABYTE is an engineer, visionary, and leader in the world of tech that uses its hardware expertise, patented innovations, and industry leadership to create, inspire and advance. Renowned for over 30 years of award-winning excellence in motherboards and graphics cards, GIGABYTE is a cornerstone in the HPC community, providing businesses with server and data center expertise to accelerate their success. At the forefront of evolving technology, GIGABYTE is devoted to inventing smart solutions that enable digitalization from edge to cloud, and allow customers to capture, analyze, and transform digital information into economic data that can benefit humanity and "Upgrade Your Life".


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Media Contact: Michael Pao