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  • 支援Intel®Pentium® 4 Hyper-Threading處理器最高可達3.06GHz或以上
  • 支援市售最新最快的DDR 記憶體,大大提升系統效能
  • 提供6組高速USB 2.0連接埠
  • 內建新一代Intel®Extreme Graphics 繪圖引擎
  • 內建高速乙太10/100Mb網路連接功能
  • 高品質6聲道 AC97音效輸出
  • 技嘉科技獨特 Anti-Burn™ 防燒保護設計EZ-Fix™ AGP 4x 及記憶體插槽
  • 技嘉獨特設計防斷裂 IDE 接頭提升耐用度
  • Introduction
    GA-8GEM667 motherboard is optimally designed for enterprise and value oriented users. Powered by the latest Intel® 845GE chipset, supporting Intel® Pentium®4 Processor with HT Technology and the latest and fastest DDR memory maximizes the system performance for current and future intensive application. GA-8GEM667 delivers great features for gaming and media enthusiast, such as USB 2.0,10/100Mb Ethernet connection, 6 channel audio, unique EZ-Fix AGP 4X and memory DIMM slot with Anti-Burn design and lots more.
  • Supports Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology
    具備超執行緒技術的Intel® Pentium® 4處理器可以提供系統絕佳的效能。超執行緒技術使得系統在單一時間內執行多項高負載程式時,多工運算更有效率。
  • Intel® Extreme Graphics Engine:
    Revolutionary graphics core that delivers intense, realistic 3D graphics with sharp images, fast rendering, smooth motion, and incredible details. Deliver a rich visual experience for all your digital photos, video, and games
  • USB 2.0 interface by ICH4:
    USB 2.0介面的資料傳輸頻寬可達480Mbps,是USB1.1的40倍;提供電腦週邊設備更加快速的連接介面。
  • High Speed 10/100Mb Ethernet connection:
    Provides high-quality 10/100 Ethernet performance for value-minded users who need straightforward network connectivity. Ensure a high-speed, stable solution for new broadband era.
  • GIGABYTE unique EZ-Fix AGP 4x and memory DIMM slot with Anti-Burn design:
    Anti-Burn™的設計功能在AGP 2x (3.3V)或記憶體不當安裝時,可有效防止主機板遭受損壞。
  • GIGABYTE Unique AGP 2x Detector:
    偵測器在AGP 2x (3.3V)顯示卡安裝結束後,將將送出警訊燈,提醒使用者。
  • High quality 6-channel AC'97 audio with S/P-DIF function:
    High Definition Audio enables premium digital sound in the PC for an immersive surround sound experience. In addition, HD Audio delivers multiple audio channels in your PC so you can listen to two different streams
  • GIGABYTE unique crack-proof IDE and Floppy connectors for better durability:
    A user friendly design which provides a more durable IDE and Floppy connectors which greatly prevents connectors housing from cracking while un-plugging connectors.
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