Envision the Future and Take on the Power of Computing with GIGABYTE at COMPUTEX 2022
May 19, 2022

Taipei, Taiwan. May 19th, 2022 - GIGABYTE, a global leader in technology, will be exhibiting its world-renowned products and solutions designed for various industries and fields at COMPUTEX. GIGABYTE also presents “Power of Computing” as the theme of the year, to demonstrate that everything from the cloud to the edge, from individual creation to team collaboration, from personal use to business applications, computing done by servers in data centers to process massive data and embedded systems in IoT and personal computers to render real-time information is the key behind groundbreaking innovations that appear in the fields of AI, cloud deployment, smart technologies, and digital content creation, etc. 



Data Center is an integral part of making technological breakthroughs. GIGABYTE has always been trusted as a pioneer in developing new server products for developers, and worked on software integrations to provide product solutions that are in line with the future of the digital age. GIGABYTE has a long history of working closely with vendors in the early stages of HPC server platform development, so that system integration and optimization of SmartNICs and GPGPUs allow for heterogeneous architecture in servers to provide application-specific computing acceleration the higher computation and efficiency.


The GIGABYTE E-series servers are optimized in size, weight, power, and cost for edge deployment, which also become the edge computing standard thanks to software-defined applications that are portable and stackable, and have a streamlined configuration that creates ease of deployment and management. In addition to supporting x86 applications using AMD and Intel processors, GIGABYTE also offers the choice of ARM servers that provide consistent data processing and encoding from the user’s terminal to edge, which not only enhances an agile response but also accelerates the development of innovations in the edge computing-piloted 5G era.



To continually provide the highest computing performance, GIGABYTE has used more efficient manufacturing processes and components, and has devoted effort into the development of various cooling methods that includes launching products with direct liquid cooling and immersion cooling technologies to reduce the environmental impact of increased heat generated by data centers. GIGABYTE has introduced two-phase immersion cooling to Taiwan’s semiconductor leader, and has produced various single-phase immersion cooling and direct liquid cooling solutions for different industries and applications.


GIGABYTE has coupled its servers with MyelinTek’s MLSteam platform to cluster all computing servers, storage and management nodes to facilitate resource allocation, monitoring and management, and effectively maximize resource utilization. The platform integrates development tools, frameworks and templates commonly used by AI developers, and supports NVIDIA CUDA and AMD ROCM, providing an easy-to-use solution for developers to cut down the time working from scratch on open-source software and use it on AI tasks instead. 


AI, big data, and visual computing analytics are the future trends of advanced technology. GIGABYTE uses its R&D AI application, which is integrated with both hardware and software, as well as visual computing technologies and edge computing, to launch various smart technology and solutions. The AI Facial Recognition System exhibited at COMPUTEX this year not only provides accurate facial recognition results, but also other useful features such as attendance management and body temperature measurements. The system can further be integrated with IP cameras in surveillance as it can perform real-time recognition to match the identities of authorized persons; hazardous and unsurveilled areas can easily be monitored with the Smart Fence System which can partition zones as unrestricted areas and assign idle time permitted. The system can detect persons entering the zone and immediately send alerts the suspicious activity to administrative supervisors on an app to create a safer and more secured environment.



GIGABYTE's efforts in the field of automotive electronics have gradually yielded results in recent years through data centers’ computing results and embedded computers to push scenarios into everyday applications such as the fields of self-driving cars and the Internet of Vehicles. GIGABYTE's ADCU series is specially designed for self-driving vehicles, and owns the capability of processing massive data, as well as making vehicle-control decisions on a real-time basis. GIGABYTE's T-BOX can handle data and mutual communications between on-road vehicles, which is an ideal solution suitable for commercial fleet management. 


With the power of computing, NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an easily extensible platform for 3D design collaboration and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation that enables designers and content creators to use their own tools and source materials, and work on the same project in virtual space. GIGABYTE uses a host-client to exhibit an Omniverse scenario – with a server-grade high-performance workstation W771-Z00 that supports four dual-slot GPUs as the host to provide the capacity to render images in the virtual space, and a BRIX mini PC that can support four displays and achieve stunning 8K resolution as the client to satisfy the high visual expectation of the designers. The coupled workstation and mini PC create the Omniverse scenario that allows designers from different time and space to visualize and co-work with unprecedented productivity. 


When it comes to gaming, GIGABYTE showcases its flagship gaming solutions powered by Intel 12th gen processors. The perfect combination of the IF Design Awarded Z690 AORUS XTREME motherboard, NVIDIA RTX 3090Ti graphics card, DDR5 6000MHz memory, AORUS 7000s SSD, and the 42-inch monitor provides a remarkable gaming experience. The Project Stealth kit enables an easy and simple assembly experience with a special interface and cables hidden design while further enhancing the system airflow for an optimized cooling effect. Meanwhile, the new gaming PC, Model S delivers powerful, cool, and silent operation even on 3A games with its slick and neat aesthetics. 


As the concept of the Metaverse blossoms, immersive content has been regarded as a crucial element for Metaverse development, and the creator/gaming laptops are expected to become extremely popular with their unique positioning: high performance with premium visual experiences. GIGABYTE showcases AERO 16 creator laptop and AORUS 15 PRO gaming laptop powered by Intel® 12th gen processors and GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs and introduces the very first 16:10 4K+ OLED display & the Red Dot Design Awarded 360Hz screen. It is also worth mentioning that the AORUS 17X flagship gaming laptop, which was unveiled this month and features the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 HX series processor and the highest specification GeForce RTX™ 30 series graphics card, introduces MUX switch graphics card switching technology. The 2022 AORUS is the first GIGABYTE gaming laptop to introduce bent-type technology on the screen’s PCB, reducing the screen’s width of the bottom border by 30%, realizing the world's first four-sided super-thin bezel gaming laptop, improving visual extensibility and game immersion.


In an annual highlight like COMPUTEX, industry leaders’ keynotes of new technology trends and breakthroughs are often the focus of the conference. With the theme of "Power of Computing", this year, GIGABYTE not only brings data center server products and solutions, embedded computers, as well as end-user workstations, mini and desktop PCs, and notebook computers on display, but also hosts a “Tech Talk” event at the booth where eco partners are invited to share their presentations on AI, HPC, software and application, and technology and data science. GIGABYTE expects the presentations to provide valuable insights and spark new ideas that can empower businesses and individuals to seize opportunities in the new digital age. From May 24th to 27th, GIGABYTE is primed, with an array of product solutions and applications, and ready to exhibit its hardware expertise and technology know-how, which possess the computing performance to accelerate technology innovations and uphold its vision to “Upgrade Your Life”



GIGABYTE @ COMPUTEX 2022 - https://gbte.tech/CX22  

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