GIGABYTE Joins COMPUTEX to Unveil Energy Efficiency and AI Acceleration Solutions
Accevolution of Computing
Jun 02, 2024

June 2, 2024 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376): Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE and an industry leader in AI servers and green computing, today announced its participation in COMPUTEX and unveiling of solutions tackling complex AI workloads at scale, as well as advanced cooling infrastructure that will lead to greater energy efficiency. Additionally, to support innovations in accelerated computing and generative AI, GIGABYTE will have NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 systems available in Q1 2025. Discussions around GIGABYTE products will be held in booth #K0116 in Hall 1 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. As an NVIDIA-Certified System provider, GIGABYTE servers also support NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.

Redefining AI Servers and Future Data Centers
All new and upcoming CPU and accelerated computing technologies are being showcased at the GIGABYTE booth alongside GIGA POD, a rack-scale AI solution by GIGABYTE. The flexibility of GIGA POD is demonstrated with the latest solutions such as the NVIDIA HGX™ B100, NVIDIA HGX™ H200, NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, and other OAM baseboard GPU systems. As a turnkey solution, GIGA POD is designed to support baseboard accelerators at scale with switches, networking, compute nodes, and more, including support for NVIDIA Spectrum™-X to deliver powerful networking capabilities for generative AI infrastructures.

An important draw in the AI area in the GIGABYTE booth is a glimpse of the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 system. The NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 delivers 30X faster real-time large language model (LLM) inference, 25X lower TCO, and 25X less energy. As a liquid-cooled, rack-scale solution, it connects 36 NVIDIA Grace™ CPUs and 72 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink™ to create a single, massive GPU that delivers 130 terabytes per second (TB/s) of bandwidth.

Standout products: G593-SD2, G383-R80, and XH23-VG0

Integrating Advanced Cooling Solutions
To break into new, more highly efficient levels of cooling, GIGABYTE will showcase a remarkable portfolio of products and partners for direct liquid cooling (DLC) and single-phase immersion cooling technologies. Long gone are the days when the best performance came from processors with a TDP of 100-200W. Supporting next-generation computing requires the integration of some form of liquid cooling to dissipate heat far better and faster than air cooling. GIGABYTE’s DLC rack houses servers for its technology partners AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, including CDU partners CoolIT Systems and Motivair. A standout DLC server includes the GIGABYTE G4L3-SD1 that supports liquid cooling with cold plates for dual Intel Xeon processors and the NVIDIA HGX B200 8-GPU. Also in the rack is the G593-ZX1 that liquid-cools AMD EPYC 9004 processors and OAM modules. For even better energy efficiency, GIGABYTE’s immersion cooling portfolio provides a glimpse of what is possible with GIGABYTE immersion tanks and immersion-ready servers.

Standout products: H273-Z82, G293-S45, and A1P0-EA0

Unleashing Data Potential from Cloud to Edge
Offering traditional servers with a twist, GIGABYTE displays everything from general-purpose servers to Arm-based platforms to OCP solutions. Attendees can see novel systems such as storage servers supporting E3.S or E1.S drives and servers ready for select next-generation AMD EPYC processors. In total, over 25 servers are on display to meet the needs of data centers of today.

Standout products: R284-S91, TO24-JD1, and R283-Z97

Enthusiast and Professional Server Solutions
Server-grade features, such as RAS and a BMC chip, are found on GIGABYTE motherboards for the AMD EPYC™ 4004, Intel Xeon® W-3400, Intel® Xeon® 6, and other processor series from AMD and Intel. Alongside the eleven motherboards are entry-level servers that are budget-friendly and Broadcom®-based solutions for HBA, RAID, and OCP LAN cards. This IT hardware is meant to be flexible, versatile, and reliable while allowing for remote server management and monitoring.

Standout products: R113-C10, CLNCD42, and MS04-CE0

GIGABYTE has chosen to go big for COMPUTEX and expects attendees to be blown away by the diversity and technology found in GIGABYTE’s portfolio to meet all IT needs. Visit booth #K0116 to learn more.

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