A Smarter Solution to Fight Agriculture Industry Change

What is “Smart Agriculture”?
“Smart Agriculture” is a revolution that brings IoT (Internet of Things) technology in the agricultural industry. With the increasing uncertainty of the climate changes around the globe & booming human population in all countries, the food supply becomes a critical topic. In addition, the average age of rural workers and the shortage of human resources in the farms lead the farming management become more difficult than ever.

GIGABYTE now introduces a smart agricultural system that helps farm owners to increase the yields of crops with stable qualities. With the environmental sensors, monitoring systems, and equipment controllers located in the greenhouse or lands to receive and transfer data, such as luminance, temperature and humidity at the front-end environment and GIGABYTE “IG-3815” Smart IOT Gateway System also uses EDGE Computing and wireless technologies, such as WIFI/ZigBee/LoRA, to collect data or transmit control signals to the front-end equipment to balance the growing environment and secure the quality of crops. Furthermore, data collected to GIGABYTE Cloud Storage Device (Virtual Store Appliance: H261-H61) can be stored and analyzed with big data algorithms. Users can go to the database to retrieve information about the growth environment of each batch of crops, and do comparison & analysis on the harvests, in order to achieve optimal growth environment of the lands.

Benefits of “Smart Agriculture”:
1. Increase production capacity & quality:
The instant control system gives farmers precious insights on the performance of their fields. After the users have planted multiple harvests, they can collect data from the big data database to compare the growth environment of different batches of crops. More favorable growth environmental conditions increase quality and production capacity.

2. Reduce the manpower burden:
Farm workers can remotely monitor and control the growing condition of environment in real-time via mobile APP. If the system detects abnormal status, it can notify the relevant personnel in time or farmers can use the remote control for manual processing to take care of the crops effectively, without spending time patrolling all day in the farms.

3. Collect and analyze data:
Through GIGABYTE’s cloud database server, it collects environmental data such as luminance, temperature and humidity, soil moisture, etc., in order to perform big data analysis to get precisely the treatment the crops need and provide improved crop growth conditions for higher qualities and quantities of the harvests.

GIGABYTE’s Smart Agricultural System enables farmers to increase the yield and quality of their crops while maximizing people's healthy lives!《Learn More About GIGABYTE's "Smart Agriculture"
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