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GIGABYTE has been committed to pioneering computer innovations and making breathtaking technology advancements. At COMPUTEX 2019, GIGABYTE has brought along its partners to form a smart ecosystem, together, to demonstrate solutions that inspire buyers and real life applications that enlighten visitors.
Data Center
The interconnectivity of remote smart devices will see a significant improvement as 5G draws near, but achieving “smart” takes a great amount of computing power. The key to evolving smart technology lies in machines’ ability to store and analyze large amount of information, using it to learn how to make predictions or decisions and create valuable economic data. GIGABYTE has teamed up with several industry leaders to demonstrate how hardware infrastructure, coupled with software integration, can create ideal system solutions that initiate smarter technologies.

AI and smart clouds for 5G
A partnership with ITRI has brought to the show an iMEC (Intelligent Mobile Edge Cloud) platform that can integrate networking & cloud virtualization technologies into the next generation of 5G networks, reducing latency and increasing network service reliability and scalability, and an on-premises AI development platform that can improve the accuracy and reduce the time required for DNN (Deep Neural Networks) training. And cooperation with InfinitiesSoft has brought to life a hybrid cloud platform that integrates sophisticated container management and software defined storage, allowing businesses to achieve the possibility of an on-premises self-built AI cloud.

Liquid cooling and software-defined storage
With an on-going effort to improve data center efficiency, GIGABYTE has partnered with Asetek to showcase a modularized direct-to-chip liquid cooling solution for increased performance possibilities and reduced power and cooling requirements in the data center. A joint-venture with Bigtera brought live VirtualStor, in which it helps consolidating businesses’ existing media and effortlessly adds new capacity that supports all main storage types, while simplifying management and reducing infrastructure costs. 《Learn more: 5G iMEC Networking Platform
Smart Life
To vindicate that a 5G smart future is not a far-fetched vision but a current transformation taking place, GIGABYTE has dedicated a great portion of this year’s booth to showcase several ready-to-deploy applications in different 5G scenarios. On-premise IoT scenarios exemplify both GIGABYTE’s hardware expertise and solution know-how. By using IoT gateway systems and embedded computers, GIGABYTE is able to exhibit several Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios such as smart agriculture, retail, marketing, security and AI human detection.

GIGABYTE and AIoT solutions
The smart solutions will hugely enhance the efficiency and convenience of individuals and businesses who decide to invest in this technology. Utilizing Big Data, AI, and edge computing, an IoT Eco Box can gather necessary information from the cloud and control variables that are vital to a crop’s growth in order to increase yield; digital signage can use a flying face recognition system and a 3D lens to analyze and judge the gender and age of the audience to display appropriate and effective advertisements; and cameras are able to capture faces of the customers in a retail environment to provide security and generate useful data for marketing analysis.

AR/MR application
Utilizing GIGABYTE’s server know-how, companies such as Jorjin Technology Inc. is also able to introduce at GIGABYTE’s booth a pair of AR/MR glasses that can assist enterprises to simplify problems originally caused by long travel distances and related time consumption, and this product will be able to be widely used in industrial maintenance, warehousing and logistics, public security and medical fields to efficiently perform maintenance, education, training, and identification of sensitive information etc.《Learn More: AI & AIoT Solutions
Renowned for innovation and craftsmanship of its motherboards, this year GIGABYTE is going to revolutionize the industry with several game changers for professionals working in fields like video editing, industrial design, and 3D related work.

World’s first PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD
GIGABYTE is one of the very few computer tech companies to design workstation grade motherboards that are compatible with NVIDIA’s Quadro graphics cards for professional individuals. At Computex, GIGABYTE also releases the world’s first PCIe 4.0 interface M.2 SSD on the latest AMD platform to provide video editors with 5000 MB/s read/write speeds in low temperatures. 《Glossary: What is PCIe?

Leading the industry into AMOLED 4K
At the other end of the spectrum there is demand for professionals who need to present their demos and editing on the go. Since 2017, GIGABYTE’s AERO 15 laptop continues to receive praise from the media and customers alike, with two consecutive years of recognition from NVIDIA® CEO Jensen Huang, by personally showcasing the laptop at the world’s largest electronic show (CES) and naming the AERO as a new generation of thin and light performance laptops.

The AERO series is now receiving a fresh redesign in both appearance and performance. And for the first time GIGABYTE will release a 17” model for those who create content constantly on a mobile PC. Both 15” and 17” AERO come with the latest Intel and NVIDIA technologies, and lead the industry by being the first to offer a 4K Samsung AMOLED display. Not only does it support a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut which offers a 25% wider range of colors than the traditional sRGB, but it also meets the VESA Display HDR 400 standard. Coupled with being Xrite™ Pantone® calibrated and certified before it leaves the factory, the AERO series laptops produce more details and color accuracy than competing products with a traditional LCD, offering designers and content creators alike a vivid representation of their imaginative worlds.《Learn More: AERO: Mobile Device Made for Creatives
Upgrade Your Life
At the forefront of innovation, GIGABYTE echoes the show’s main themes to showcase key solutions for the intelligent generation. COMPUTEX is the time of year for Taiwan’s most brilliant minds in the industry to come together and showcase future innovations. As the show gets underway, GIGABYTE is primed and ready to exhibit its smart solutions that will propel 5G technology advancement and uphold its capability to "Upgrade Your Life". 
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[Video] COMPUTEX 2019 Booth Tour
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